Bimby opens up about being traumatized and being manipulated by ‘him’

Bimby opens up about being traumatized and being manipulated by ‘him’

Bimby has been gaining praises from netizens because of his ‘matured’ points of view in various issues including homosexuality despite his young age but not only are netizens impressed but also his mom Kris Aquino.

In Kris’ recent video ‘Unscripted with Kris and Bimb’ where Bimby asked her mom intriguing questions, Kris got the chance to ask her son instead in the last part of the segment.


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Kris asked Bimby about why he grew up becoming a fine man, Bimby answered: “Because all the trauma, you told me, ‘Bimb, don’t give up. Bimb don’t give up.'”

Kris later followed it up with the question: “How come when I get affected by bashers and I get affected by the negativity, why are you able to tell me ‘Mama, why do you care?'”

Bimby openly answered: “Because you know who manipulated me. And the most affective basher. I chanelled all of it out on him. So I don’t really care anymore about those others because I know they can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me.”

Seemingly surprised by his son’s answer, Kris replied after a short pause: “I don’t know if I should have asked that but I did. And you got an answer.”

(Photo source: Facebook – @krisaquino)

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