Coleen Garcia reveals suffering from food poisoning at the airport before ABS-CBN Ball

Coleen Garcia reveals suffering from food poisoning at the airport before ABS-CBN Ball

Celebrity couple Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford were two of the brightest stars who graced the red carpet of the recently held ABS-CBN Ball.

But behind their stunning looks during the event, Coleen revealed in her recent Instagram post that she had suffered from food poisoning after eating a meal in the plane.


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According to Coleen, she kept vomiting on her way back and collapsed inside the restroom cubicle once they landed in the airport.

She wrote: “So I flew from Paris to Bangkok, had one meal in the plane, got food poisoning, did not sleep AT ALL & kept vomiting on the way back. It was so bad. Once I landed in BKK, I didn’t have much time but I was STRUGGLING to not pass out while walking in the airport! First time & I was ALONE! 😭 My vision was a blur, my body felt like it was melting & my head was spinning so bad, so I went straight to the nearest restroom & collapsed in the cubicle before continuing to throw up what was left of my guts.”

The actress then missed her flight by=ut was able to book another.

“I inched my way to the lounge & the same thing happened until I heard my name being called, so with all my energy, I ran to the gate. I ended up missing my flight by 1 MINUTE & it made me cry in the airport out of frustration—and those who know me know that I don’t usually cry! I was able to change my flight at no additional cost, but it meant that I would arrive in MNL by 7pm instead of the original time which was 11am. Our call time was at 6pm. I still hadn’t fit my gown & I had no idea how I was gonna make it in time. I was able to rest & recover in the lounge before rushing like there’s no tomorrow once I landed in MNL. On top of that, I was told that one of my bags got left behind. All of this after Paris, where I had multiple events per day. 😳 The reason why I’m sharing this is bec I’m blessed to know wonderful people who gladly came through when I needed it most,” Coleen added.


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