Ion Perez tells Vice Ganda: “Yung nararamdaman ko sayo, seryoso”

Ion Perez tells Vice Ganda: “Yung nararamdaman ko sayo, seryoso”

“It’s Showtime” on screen love triangle Vice Ganda, ‘ate girl’ Jackie, and ‘kuya escort’ Ion Perez have been bringing television viewers and audience their daily dose of ‘kilig’ vibes with their sweet pick up lines for each other.

In the recent episode of the noon time show, the trio once again entertained viewers who were left shrieking with their banters.


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Vice asked Ion: “Sa mga ngiti mo kasi, parang.. Naglolokohan lang ba tayo Ion?”

Ion replied: “Sa mga ngiti lang yun. Pero yung nararamdaman ko sayo, seryoso.”

Jackie, meanwhile, was left crying on the side, saying: “Nasasaktan ako. Kasi, alam ko masaya ka dun [Ion]. Alam ko yung kasiyahan na yun, hindi ko kayang ibigay.”

Rumors about Vice and Ion’s real life relationship have been making rounds online but neither of the two have directly confirmed the issue.

However, in an episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice”, Ion admitted that the comedian is “special” to him.

(Photo source: Facebook – @ABSCBNnetwork)

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