Korina Sanchez breaks silence on nose job rumors

Korina Sanchez breaks silence on nose job rumors

TV host Korina Sanchez put an end to rumors circulating that she had a nose job. Korina posted a couple of photos and some netizens claimed that she looks different on the photos and they were asking if Korina had something done on her nose.

– “Wait ! What happened bat nag iba ata mukha nya”

– “nagparetoke ka noh?”

– “kung kailan naging gurang saka nagparetoke ng hindi naayon sa edad. lol”


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But Korina denied all these. In an article published by Pep.ph, Korina has this to say about the nose job questions:

“”Hi, Nikko! I’m happy and proud to let you know that my nose today is as I was born with. Must be the angle of the shot that makes my nose there look different. I am forever grateful to my Dad Monching Sanchez, who gave this nose to me. Thank you for asking,” said Korina.

(Photo source: Instagram – @thisiskorinasanchezr)

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