Kris Aquino admits she snores non-stop

Kris Aquino admits she snores non-stop

Fans and followers of Kris Aquino admire her not only because of her talent in hosting and acting, but because of her honesty and transparency – for being ‘totoo.’ Kris will tell the truth no matter what – whether it will be to her advantage or not.

As Kris always say – she owes it all to her fans.

In one of her recent posts, Kris admitted that she snores most of the night and non-stop.


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“Before lights out- i’m going to own up to it… Bincai said i snore just like Bimb, most of the night & nonstop. She said it was loud the 2 nights after my tests, and again consistent from the middle of the night- until the alarm rang early Friday morning. At least- i now just snore. Before even in my sleep i’d still talk nonstop. i think that’s an improvement, right? good night. 😴🛌💤💤♥️♥️♥️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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