Kris Aquino nairita sa maling grammar ng isang ‘fake news’ article

Kris Aquino nairita sa maling grammar ng isang ‘fake news’ article

Imbes na mainis sa nakasaad na paksa sa isang artikulo ay sa wrong grammar nairita ang Queen of All Media na si Kris Aquino. Sa isang Instagram post ay sinabi ni Kris na ang artikulong ikinakalat ay isang ‘fake news’ o isang artikulang walang katotohanan.

Bagama’t magkaganon ay sinabi ni Kris na para sa kanya ay isang karangalan ang maikumpara kay ASEC Mocha Uson nguni’t ang hindi niya matanggap ay ang maling grammar sa pagkasulat ng fake news article.

Narito ang paliwanag ni Kris:

“These will be 2 posts, so let’s get the bad or in this case #fakenews over with… I have NEVER been interviewed by Boy Abunda in recent memory, at least not in the past quarter, not in his show & not for print or any other medium. Our last communication was 2 months ago when he was turning over a few more endorsement details to my current management team.

Kung sino man po ang nagsulat nito- if you will choose to invent quotes from me- GALINGAN NYO NAMAN. I am a stickler for correct grammar and subject-verb agreement: it isn’t IN CASE SHE PURSUE HER CANDIDACY, I need to correct you: it is IN CASE SHE PURSUES HER CANDIDACY. 👓

I know i am weird, hindi ako sa subject matter nairita, nabwisit ako na wrong grammatical quote ang na attribute sa ‘kin. That being said, whoever you are Jhun & to the media team doing this you do have my GRATITUDE. Because in the online world, Ms. Uson is a “unicorn”… And I am a newbie. Yet you have elevated me by this comparison to her status. #Bongga 😘”


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