Maris Racal draws mixed reaction from her post: “can’t not shop”

Maris Racal draws mixed reaction from her post: “can’t not shop”

Netizens argued on whether the post of former Pinoy Big Brother Maris Racal is grammatically correct – some said it’s wrong why some defended tha talented actress. On Instagram, Maris posted the following:

“Can’t not shop at Penshoppe. @penshoppe”

Netizens started to discuss on whether the “can’t not shop” is right or wrong grammatically. Here are some of the comments:

Those who said it’s wrong:

– “can’t na nga may Not pa yung totoo? Hahaha just saying”

– “can’t not? Construction of sentence.. Not a hater but na confuse lng ehehe peace tau”

Those who said it’s right:

– “Lol yung nagquestion ng double negative yung totoong barok, apologies to baroks”

– “Hahaha so witty caption. Kakatuwa may pa research and arguments pa Tlga ang iba. Anyways in your own way natututo kmi in a different way. God bless us all.”

– “Yup,knowing maris sheS fond of making such thing,thats y she is a good cmposer also,smetimes she use a deeper words with meaning that if u dnt undrstand it well u misjudge it wrong.”

– “it is actually correct, it is what we called litotes.. google it!”

– “i cant not = i must. there’s nothing wrong with her caption. talagang di lang talaga minsan natuturo sa ibang school kasi medyo complicated.”

– “Kung s Tagalog Hindi pwding Hindi mag shop s penshoppe. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @mariesteller)

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