WATCH: Dimash Kudaibergen quits “The World’s Best” competition

WATCH:  Dimash Kudaibergen quits “The World’s Best” competition

Viewers and fans of “The World’s Best” were shocked by the news that Kazakhstan superstar Dimash Kudaibergen decided to quit the competition before the Final round. According to reports, Dimash decided to quit to give way to the younger talents. With his decision, Daneliya Tuleshova and Lydian was left to compete in his category.

Dimash made his annoucement after his superb rendition of ‘Adagio’ by Lara Fabuan.


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In his own dialect translated to English, Dimash said:

“Good evening judges and dear audience. To perform in front of you is a huge honor and happiness. Today, I have to compete with two beautiful talents. That’s why I’m want to ask you dear judges to let me step out of the competition.”

It was reported that Dimash decision did not sit well with judge Ru Paul. Prompting the popular actor and singer to say “the truth of the matter is how dare you disrespect the competition. We came heer to see the best, th world’s best. you know what you’re getting into.”

To which Dimash replied “This is happiness and honor having to perform in front of you. This is not ego.”

Netizens expressed mixed reactions over Dimash decision. Some said they admire Dimash sacrifice to give the young talents the opportunity they richly deserved but some said they cannot understand why the singer needed to quit.

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Instagram – @kudaibergenov.dimash)

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