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Amy Perez on being tagged to mocking issue involving Sarah Geronimo: ” Wag din tayo mang damay ng ibang tao”

Angeline Quinto has earlier explained her side after being accused of making fun of Sarah Geronimo after her emotional breakdown in one of her concerts in the US.

However, aside from Angeline and singer Morissette Amon, another name has been linked to the issue— the ‘It’s Showtime’ host ‘Tsang’ Amy Perez.


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In her Twitter account, Amy denied her involvement in the issue and explained her side, insisting she does not have a personal assistant.

According to rumors, Amy’s PA who was said to be a fan of the Popstar Princess allegedly heard Angeline and Morissette making fun of Sarah’s breakdown.

Amy then aired her sentiments on Twitter and wrote: “Can I just clear something I don’t have any PA/YAYA or kahit Driver wala! I always go to work alone.”

She also asked the person who came up with the story to meet her so that they could talk personally.

“Whoever came up with that story I want to talk to you personally para ma gabayan kita. (busy akong nagluluto ng sinigang na baboy dinadamay nyo ako sa kalokohan nyo!)


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