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Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo marks 2nd anniversary

Celebrity couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo celebrated another milestone in their relationship as they shared sweet messages for their second anniversary.

Andi shared on her Instagram account a photo where she was carried by her partner on top of his shoulders. For Andi, choosing happiness above all else was the best decision she’d ever made.


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“I made the best decision to choose happiness above all else. I am grateful for the life I have (and am able to give my kids), and without you in it, it wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for always making me feel like I am on top of the world. Happy anniversary my mahal!??”

In a separate post by Philmar on his Instagram account, he posted a photo with Andi and captioned “Happy anniversary mahal ko. Mahalun ko kaw sanan ato little fam hangtod sa hangtod ??”. To which Andi commented “Love youuu!??”

(Photo source: Instagram – @andieigengirl / @chepoxz)

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