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Andrea Brillantes describes basketball players as ‘manloloko’ and ‘madaming chicks’

Actress Andrea Brillantes shared her views regarding her impression about basketball players in general. It can be remembered that Andrea just went through a challenging relationship with basketball player Ricci Rivero.

In her recent vlog, Andrea played the ‘Never Have I Ever’ challenge with TV host Vice Ganda.

And of the questions asked was if there was a time they had a relationship with a basketball player. Both Andrea and Vice jokingly answered ‘NEVER.’

“Bakit tayo mag-I Have tapos kakain pa tayo” said Andrea while ripping the NEVER sign. Vice then clarified that his partner Ion Perez is a good basketball player.

Andrea then asked Vice the following question: “Pero masasabi nyong hindi sya yung stereo typical na basketball player?”

Vice then asked Andrea to clarifiy her question.

“Yung stereotype sa isang basketball player yung manloloko sila, madami silang chicks, babae, babae, babae. Masasabi nyo hindi ganun si Ion” said Andrea.

Vice then said “Grabe ung impression na iniwan nila sa yo noh”

“To be fair hindi naman natin pwedeng igeneralized” said Vice. To which Andrea agreed and said “Hate the Player not the game.”

Vice then said: “Condemn the act not the person.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @blythe)

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