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Andrea Brillantes for saying she wants to date Jakob: “that’s not being malandi at all”

Actress Andrea Brillantes replied to her critics in relation to her vlog where she said she is interest to date Ina Raymundo’s son Jakob Poturnak.

Andrei’ comment section was flooded with criticisms saying she should be careful with her statement and actions.

Andrei reiterated that she was not even serious about it since its a ‘Date or Pass’ vlog.

“Even if I was being serious about it, I don’t think I should be getting any hate for it. I don’t think a woman should be getting any hate for making the first move. For me, that’s not being malandi at all,” explained Andrea.

“I don’t think a woman should be receiving harsh words and hate just because she’s being courageous sa lalaking natitipuhan niya.” Andrea added.

“I’m in my 20s. I own a business. I have a nice career, I pay my bills and taxes, so, why need to hate where I just want to have fun.” said Andrea.

“May nasira ba akong three month rule? Wala nga, eh. Ano ba kayo date lang nga, ‘di nga jojowain eh. Titigil ba mundo n’yo?” Andre asked.

(Photo source: Instagram – @blyte / @jakobpaturnak)

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