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Andrea Brillantes: “I cried so much in church earlier”

Actress Andrea Brillantes expressed her gratitude to all those who supported her for making ‘Senior Hight’ and ‘Comedy Islang’ a successful.

Andrea was surprised to see the ranking of her two project and went straight to a nearby church to thank God for all the blessing she is receiving.

On Instagram Story, Andrea said:

“I went straight to the nearest church before my meeting for Lucky Beauty after I saw that Senior High and Comedy Island are ranked number one,” started Andrea.

“I wanted to pray and thank God first before thanking all of you. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing! God is good all the time! I cried so much in church earlier, huhu. And of course, thank you to everyone who watched and supported both of my shows. I hope you didn’t just watch but also learned a lot, especially with Senior High,” she posted.

It’s not only for entertainment but also for raising awareness. Thank you again! I am beyond grateful! I promise to always try to give my best every time. I will strive to improve even more. Andrea added.

(Photo source: Instagram – @blythe)

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