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Andrea Brillantes: “Life is good, life is great”

Netizens were waiting for a reaction from actress Andrea Brillantes after her ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero publicly admitted his relationship with beauty queen turned politician Leren Bautista.

Not only that, Leren also replied in a comment telling a netizen who accused her of being a liar to ask HER (pertaining to Andrea) about what really transpired.

Andrea chose not to react nor respond to the development but instead chose to post the following on Instagram:

“Life? Life is good, life is great.”

On Instagram photos, Andrea posted the same photo with some lyrics from the song “Hasta Cuando (Whatever Makes You Feel Better”) that reads:

“Paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better / Make everyone hate me if that makes you feel better / Hmm, whatever makes you feel better / Your girl talks shit about me just to feel better / About the fact that you’re still obsessed with me years later”

(Photo source: Instagram – @blythe)

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