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Angelica Panganiban shares her Week 5 postpartum list

Actress Angelica Panganiban shared with her fans and followers her accomplished postpartum list for Week #5.

Angelica just gave birth to baby Amila Sabine. Angelica together with partner Gregg Homan are hands-on parents attending to the every need of baby Amila.

On her Instagram account, Angelica listed the following:

“Week 5 postpartum

Breastfeeding ✅ (lost count)
Milk expressed ✅
Daddy’s needs ✅
Moms needs ✅
Moms vitamins ✅
BB’s vitamins ✅
Moms yoga ✅
BB’s naps 3 & counting ✅
Diaper change ✅
Baby massage ✅
Nail trimmed for mom&bean ✅

The overwhelming feeling ✅✅✅”

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

– “Slowy² mawawala din ang big tum”

– “Happy for you!! You’ll be in shape in no time im sure💪🏻 you’re doin a great job momma!!!!”

– “Hala, payat na agad Ms. Angge!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamangelicap)

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