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Arci Muñoz shows new ‘colorful’ tattoo

Actress Arci Muñoz shared with her fans and followers her new ‘colorful’ tattoo located on her left ear. The said tattoo contains 7 colors representing the color of a rainbow.

According to Arci, she will try to be a rainbow to someone else’s cloud. The said tattoo done by artist Ricky Sta. Ana.


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“A mark I’ll be living with for the rest of mi life. A Rainbow gives a whole lotta meaning in life. 🌈 be like a rainbow 7 different colors but they shine as one.

During these dark days. Let’s all try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Does the Rainbow symbolize anything to you? Tatts by: @ricky_sta_ana”

(Photo source: Instagram – @ramonathornes)

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