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Bea Alonzo receives gift from her real-life darna

Actress Bea Alonzo received a very sweet Valentine’s Day surprise from whom she considers as her real-life Darna: Angel Locsin. She flaunted this on her Instagram account today. This made a lot of positive reactions among her fans and followers.

In her story, she showed a card that has a sweet message that says, “Bea, Happy Valentines to one of my favorite people. Love, Angel Locsin.” She even captioned it” You’re my favorite person! My real-life darna! Love you!” This only shows that, flowers are not only meant to be received from men. Girlfriends may also express their love in every possible way.


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Fans of both actresses are happy to know that in spite of the very controversial lives of stars, companions are raised and cherished. It was remembered that Bea was recently involved in a split with boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, while Angel is now engaged to her fiancé, Neil Arce.

(Photo source: Instagram – @janusdelprado / @beaalonzo)

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