Beauty Gonzales pinagsabihan ng netizens sa pagpost ng hubad na photo ng anak

Beauty Gonzales pinagsabihan ng netizens sa pagpost ng hubad na photo ng anak

Ipinagdiwang ni Beauty Gonzalez and birthday ng kanyang anak na si Olivia at nagpost ito ng hubad ng anak na nakatalikod. Makikita sa photo na tila nagdidilig ng halaman si Olivia. Black and white ang photo at may caption ito ng:

“Born This Way.? My little blueberry oh how you’ve grown and how you’ve changed our lives forever. Thank you for being our anchor and our guiding light. We promise to grow up with you.


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INSTA PIC: Beauty and baby Olivia


Ps. Don’t hate me for this picture! Happy Birthday Olivia Ines, please please don’t grow up so fast!!”

May mga netizen na nagsasabing cute ang photo at nagmukhang kupido daw si Olivia sa photo. Nguni’t meron din naman hindi nagustuhan ang pagpost na ito ni Beauty.

Narito ang ilang komento:

– please don’t post this pic of your beautiful daughter..there’s sooo many perv around, you’ll never know. And I always love your posting..☺

– poor kid. Ang nanay mismo nagpakalat ng ganitong litrato in Public. You should protect your baby maging aware sana sa pagpost for your babys sake kahit black and white pa yan. Not a hater but I am Mother. Madami naman sigurong picture bakit ito pa. tsk tsk tsk

– Pedophiles are everywhere. ?? You should have covered the butt.

– actually it shouldn’t be ok. I was surprised why she posted such picture of her daughter ?

– Inappropriate Miss beauty to post this one. But happy Birthday to your daughter Olivia❤️

– I will not allowing mg daughter to post like this to her baby girl!

– babae pa yung anak nya…someone might grab this photo..kawawa nmn yung bata

Sinagot naman ito ni Beauty:

“Thank you for all the Birthday greetings, love and sense of humor guys!? to the more serious ones, lighten up peeps! A faceless one year old butt in black and white is hardly pedophile bait. But thank you all the same for the concern. Smile.?”

(Photo source: Instagram – @beauty_gonzalez)

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