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Bela Padilla hits back at basher accusing her of being a bad influence to Maris Racal

Bela Padilla has always stayed genuine to herself and others despite being in the showbiz industry but her authenticity seemed misinterpreted by others.

On her Twitter account, Bela responded to a netizen who called her ‘liberated’ and accused her of being a bad influence to her friend, young actress Maris Racal.


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She responded to the netizen whose account was set on private: “liberated in what sense? 🙂 in the fact that I travel alone and spend money, I earned by working hard, on museums and mugs and hats? 🙂 because aside from travelling, all I’ve done since I graduated has been working. I take one night off every three months”

“and on those nights off, Ive only seen Maris once. FYI…she asks me what I’m doing, not the other way around. And the last time we were together was to work out. Let the people you love grow. You dont know who can be beneficial to them.”


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