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Bimby and Joshua visit First Lady Liza Marcos

Kuya Joshua and Bimby Aquino, sons of actress and TV host Kris Aquino visited First Lady Liza Marcos in her office. Kuya Joshua came back to the Philippines first then followed by Bimby.

Bimby came home to the Philippines to continue his schooling after accompanying his mommy Kris in the US as he seeks medical attention for her autoimmune condition.

The First Lady posted a photo on her Facebook page with the following caption:

“Thank you Bimby and Josh for dropping by. It was so nice to see you guys after all these years.

FL office, Manila | 9 July 2024”

Netizens who saw the photo reacted by posting the following caption:

– “The FL is an Ambassador of Peace!”

– “Beautiful photo. A wound still heal in God’s perfect time.”

– “Nkktindig balahibo wowww na wow happy to heard that news,”

– “Wow ang laki na nila ang gugwapo na at ang babait na mga bata nakakaproud sila”

– “Happiest moment in history….mabuhay aquino marcos…mabuhay pilipinas..”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Liza Marcos)

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