Body shamer to Iza Calzado: “Para lang kasi madami na syang anak”

Body shamer to Iza Calzado: “Para lang kasi madami na syang anak”

Actress Iza Calzado is one actress that is proud of her physical appearance no matter what. In one of her Instagram post, Iza posted a photo during her visit in Batangas where is wearing a beautiful swimwear.

On body shamer reacted to a post by posting the following:


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“Oh i see. Para lang kasi madami na syang anak. May mga chubby naman na firm yung katawan at di masagwang tignan lalo pag nakabikini. Di lang siguro ako sanay makakita ng ganyan. Ganda ng mukha pero lawlaw na lawlaw nag katawan to think dipa nagkakaanak.”

Iza wittingly replied to the post by reacting this way:

“hi! I understand where you are coming from. Hirap naman talaga maintindihan from your end bakit hindi normal yung body ko. I wish I could say I was merely chubby but truth is I was obese. I have lost 100lbs (or more) 14inches from my waist and if you think about it that’s probably like I had twins or gave birth several Times.

Siguro nga may mga tao kahit lumaki sila their skin remained tight and texture was great kaya lang I am not One of them. Trust me, not a day goes by na hindi ko inasam magkaroon ng mas magandang balat. May magagawa pa ba ako? Wala na. So ang best thing to do is to accept what I have and celebrate the things I have been blessed with, including a healthy body, no matter the size or shape or skin texture.

I hope this enlightens you. I am also sorry that you were attacked for your comments. I know you did not mean to hurt me. Love and Light to you. ❤️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @missizacalzado)

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