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Carlo Aquino ‘absent’ sa birthday party ng anak na si Mithi

Actor Carlo Aquino was nowhere to be found at the party of his own daughter Enola Mithi who celebrated her 3rd birthday. Mommy Trina Candaza posted a number of photos of the celebration and netizens were actually looking for Carlo.

Talent manager Ogie Diaz who was at the party said Trina actually invited Carlo and his family to the party but they opted not to show up.

“Ang point ni Trina ‘para sa bata ito, hindi para sa akin’,” Ogie quoting Trina. Ogie added that Trina single-handedly made the preparations for her daughter’s birthday.

On Instagram, Trina posted a couple of photos with the following caption:

“Enola Mithi’s 3rd Birthday ✨ Thank you to everyone who attended Mithi’s special day”

Carlo promised that he will make it up to his daughter.

(Photo source: Instagram – @trinacandaza)

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