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Coco Martin compares Julia Montes and Yassi Pressman to his favorite food

Actor Coco Martin was asked by his media friends if it is possible for him to compare Julia Montres and Yassi Pressman to his favorite food. Coco was also asked to what food will he compare himself.

In an article published by Push, Coco gamely answered the questions.


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“Kung ako naging ulam? Siyempre adobo. Para habang tumatagal, sumasarap,” said Coco. “Si Yassi? Siguro beef steak. Isa sa masasarap kainin.” added Coco.

Coco compares Julia the classic karekare. “Basta kare-kare, masarap.” explained Coco.

(Photo source: Instagram – @mr.cocomartin)

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