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Coleen Garcia feels ecstatic as baby Amari calls her ‘Mommy’ for the first time

Actress Coleen Garcia happily shared to her fans and followers the latest milestones of her adorable son, baby Amari.

In her Instagram account, Coleen posted a cute photo of baby Amari with their two cats. Coleen happily shared that baby Amari called her ‘mommy’ for the very first time. Coleen shared that she hasn’t been able to regularly update her fans as baby Amari was going through some challenges especially with his ‘teething period’.

“He just called me MOMMY for the first time yesterday as he was reaching out for me. 🥺😭❤️

I haven’t been updating regularly because so much has been going on here at home with this little one! Though I do still try to post stories as much as I can.

The teething period has been one of the hardest so far because it sucks to see him in pain and having a hard time. But just like that, he now has four teeth, is crawling all over the house (which btw is turning into a giant playroom), and looks around for me (+ cries) whenever I leave the room even for a bit. 🥲 NGL, it’s challenging, but it’s also the best feeling ever. Especially whenever he smiles at me in the middle of playing, as though he wants to share the fun with me. I melt. 😩 Time waits for no one, so I am savoring these times cause I am livingggggg for this season! 💕” Coleen wrote in the caption.

(Photo source: Instagram – @coleen)

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