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Dani Barretto turns emotional over Julia Barretto’s birthday message for her

Actress Julia Barretto penned a heartfelt message for her sister, actress and vlogger Dani Barretto as she celebrated her 27th birthday.

In her Instagram account, Julia posted several throwback photos of her with her sister, Dani. According to Julia, she always looked up to Dani and she will always be Dani’s number 1 fan. Julia also expressed her love to Dani as she wrote:


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“When we were little, I always wanted to be in the same dress as you. During your seventh birthday, you were supposed to be the only one in a Cinderella costume, but you let me be Cinderella too because you knew I always wanted to be matching with you. You were in a show called Ang TV, and I’d always wait for it to be Saturday so I could watch you— the rest of the week I’d be crying waiting for it to be Saturday again. I’ve always looked up to you, and I’ve always been your #1 fan. With my circumstance, I usually tend to forget how young I am. That’s when I find myself running to YOU. Running to my ATE. It’s how you look out for me, how you protect me and love me. I can’t ask for a better sister, Dan. I tell you this all the time, but I LOVE YOU.
Happy happy birthday @danibarretto♥️”

Dani can’t help but be emotional over Julia’s birthday message for her as she commented:

“This made me cry. My Juju!! 😭
I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for also being an ate to me whenever I fall short. Sometimes ates need to be reminded that we don’t have everything figured out all the time. I love you! I love you!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @juliabarretto / @danibarretto)


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