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Derek Ramsay reveals real reason behind his breakup with Andrea Torres

After months of speculations, Derek finally revealed the real reason behind his breakup with actress Andrea Torrres. Netizens speculated that the reason behind the breakup was a third party since Derek ended with actress Ellen Adarna in such a short time after the breakup.

On his interview with entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin on her program ‘Cristy Per Minute’, Derek admitted that a problem occurred and their views about the said problem differs. So he decided not to prolong the situation and brought up the idea of breakup which Andrea agreed.

“May problema na nangyari, na I guess na nagbigay sa akin ng sign na I think this relationship, our view sa problemang yun – yung values namin sa isat isa, its not the same. Hindi mali ang values nya, hindi mali values ko, hindi ko sya babaguhin, hindi nya ako babaguhin.” said Derek.

“So i told her then I think this is the end of this relationship because we cannot see eye to eye on this matter. so I think its best na kumalas na tayo ngayon rather than lalaki pa, then two three years down the road maghihiwalay tayo, babalikan natin kasi nga ibang views natin sa problemang yan.” added Derek.

“and its a waste of time and its waste of effort, masakit, ako ang nakipagkalas i think its best and she agreed. ako nag bring up and she agreed.” ended Derek.

(Photo source: Instagram – @ramsayderek07)

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