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Erich Gonzales sends sweet birthday surprise for Dina Bonnevie

Kapmailya actress Erich Gonzales do not forget the people she has worked with in the industry even when they go on their separate ways after a project.

One of the people dear to her is actress Dina Bonnevie whom she has worked with in her defunct television series “The Blood Sisters”.


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On Dina’s special day, Erich made sure to send her sweet birthday surprise for Dina who woke up to all the food the latter sent her.

She shared the photo of the food Erich sent her on Instagram and wrote: “Hey @erichgg!! Grabe ka!! Super thanks for all of these food!! This is what I woke up to! Love you love you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️????”

Dina is currently starring in the Kapuso television series “Cain at Abel”.

(Photo source: Instagram – @dinabonnevie)

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