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Former manager alleges that Jed Madela calls ‘ASAP’ people “monkeys”

Singer Jed Madela’s manager for 20 years Annie Mercado expressed her disappointment over a new song by Jed entitled “Wish u the worst” which she felt is directed to her.

On Facebook, Annie posted the following:

“So im doing my business and moving on with my life of positivity, joy and peace and tried to ignore pesky flies. But a friend sent me a song.

Once and for all, im putting an end to this.

Since he went public via a song, i am no longer going to keep quiet about this person. Im naming him dont worry. This song is about relationships but we’re not dumb to think its not about us, the very family who took good care of him and loved him from the day he set foot in manila. So yeah im not playing the game of this ungrateful man anymore.

“Wish u the worst” (his new song) – this song tells you so much about the kind of person the singer truly is. Title pa lang he invested on negativity na. Its Full of negativity, hate, and bitterness always playing the “victim” when he is the offender. He’s always played the game “if the shoe fits”… well sorry, i dont wanna play… i don’t hide behind songs and post with double meanings. So here it is:

Jed Madela, dont taunt me with a song. Panindigan mo yan ha. Let’s go to the press and tell all. If you dont wanna, i will. I think people wanna know the truth. Share until this reaches him because he blocked all of us.

On the comment section, Annie posted the following:

“I’ve managed him for 23 yrs until he is what he is right now. Thats the business side. Ive known him since birth and me and my family loved him unconditionally, like a son and brother. And he chose to disrespect. That for me is my closure. End of the line.

I hate it that I had to cover for him all the time including how he called ASAP people ‘monkeys.’ My apologies to ASAP people. I hope they read this.”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Annie Mercado)

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