Gab Valenciano involved in a motorcycle racing accident

Gab Valenciano involved in a motorcycle racing accident

Musician and performer Gab Valenciano figured in a motorcycle accident while racing on track last Sunday, June 2.

In his Instagram stories, Gab shared a photo of him while in the hospital and shared how another rider hit him, getting thrown out of the racing track and was stopped after hitting a tree.


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He wrote: “To those asking, I’m alright. Thank you. At the hospital and recovering with a sprained ankle and cervical sprain/spasms. Still waiting for the final assessment though. Another rider came out of nowhere and hit me from the rear, so I violently veered towards the barrier, flew accross a 10 ft drop and finally was stopped by hitting a tree. BUT that’s racing and it happens. Sometimes even worse. Can’t complain and I’m thankful to God for protecting me still. Thank you to the emergency crew who put in the work to make sure I was okay. Will be back for round 3 next month stronger than ever.”

Gab also sent his prayers to another racer who was involved in the accident, saying: “Prayers to another racer who had a terrible crash shortly after. He was unconscious and intubated. God be with you bro.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @gabvalenciano)

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