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Gong Cha investigates alleged ‘floating cockroaches’ on its drink

Milk tea beverage company Gong Cha Philippines issued an official statement regarding their beverage containing three small cockroaches. A netizen uploaded a photo on social media showing the little creatures floating on his drink.

The posted stated:


This afternoon I ordered from Gong Cha PH Gong Cha Philippines in Theatre Mall, Greenhills. My order actually took a while to make since there were a lot of customers. The staff then handed me my drink eventually with a sealed straw and all. The drink was really good. But just as I was bout to finish the drink, I moved the cup-sleeve to check how much I had left and I was utterly shocked to see 3…. yes, 3 LITTLE COCKROACHES in my drink.

Guys, please do check your orders before drinking/eating them… wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

To the management at GONGCHA PH. You might want to investigate. This is simply unacceptable.

(My order was a passion fruit tea w/coco jelly)”

Gong Cha Philippines on its official Facebook page posted the following statement to address the said concern:

(Photo source: Facebook – @Nico Yabut)

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