Gretchen Barretto reiterates support to the Falcis brothers

Gretchen Barretto reiterates support to the Falcis brothers

In the light of the case dismissal filed by the Falcis brothers against actress Kris Aquino, Gretchen Barretto reiterated her support to the Falcis brothers in a post she made on her Instagram account.

Gretchen posted the following:

“Swipe left & read the inconsistencies & death threats & Oath of kris aquino. I still have hope & faith in Gods grace & mercy Truly @nix722 @jesusfalcis deserve justice from the wealthy, famous & power tripper. My heart Bleeds for the falcis brothers.


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So kris was speaking the truth when she said ( Handa ako makipagubusan ng yaman all the way to the SUPREME COURT) Quezon city dissmissed the grave threats filed by the Falcis brother against kris AQUINO ( kawawa ang mahihirap sa ating bansa) doctor_pj Say NO to bullying, power tripping and oppression of the poor.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @gretchenbarretto / @krisaquino)

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