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Ina Raymundo on Andrea Brillantes dating son Jakob: “I cannot decide for my kids”

The statement made by actress Andrea Brillantes about having a crush on Jakob Poturnak has reached the attention of Jakob’s mother – Ms. Ina Raymundo.

Actress Giselle Sanchez in her Manila Bulletin column “Gossip Girl” shared with everyone the reaction of Ina.

“I like Andrea, and I find her comments flattering and amusing. It’s raw and unfiltered. I am also not sure if she was serious or just kidding around,” said Ina.

“Unfortunately, I cannot decide for my kids Jakob and Erika on their choices and love life. It’s really up to them.” Ina added.

“Also, the two are too busy in school abroad to comment on this,” Ina said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @inaraymundo95)

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