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Is Lucy Torres-Gomez pregnant?

Eighteen years after giving birth to her only child Juliana Gomez, Lucy Torres-Gomez left netizens speculating about her possible pregnancy after posting an intriguing Instagram post.

In her Instagram account, the 44-year-old actress and politician shared a photo of a red rose alongside a caption about ‘answered prayers and promises’ which she did not specify.


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Lucy wrote in the caption: “Of answered prayers and promises that always, in His time, come to pass.♥️”

The post was later flooded with comments from netizens who think that she and Richard gomez are having a baby.

One user wrote: “woww I guess she’s pregnant❤️?? congrats Maam Lucy❤️?”

Another netizen commented: “Buntis na Miss @lucytgomez, if you are Congratulations! ? what a wonderful blessing.. I have my baby at 44 she’s beautiful, happy and healthy she’s our greatest blessings ?”

It can be remembered that Lucy, during her recent interview with Pep, shared that she wishes to have more children.

(Photo source: Instagram – @lucytgomez)

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