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Is this Marjorie Barretto’s response to Claudine’s statement on raising her children?

Actress Marjorie Barretto proudly shared to her fans and followers the latest achievements of her daughter, Erich amid the statement of her sister, Claudine Barretto related on how she raised her children.

It can be recalled that in an ambush interview, Claudine was asked regarding a photo that Marjorie has posted with her children.

“Ayaw ko na rin sabihin na ako nagpalaki o tumulong ako sa pagpapalaki kasi nga obviously hindi maganda pagpapalaki. Biruin mo pinalaki mo tapos babastusin” Claudine said.

In her Instagram account, Marjorie posted sweet photos of her with her daughter Erich. In the photos, Marjorie was seen hugging her daughter Erich. She also congratulated her daughter for the two awards that she got on her school.

“Congratulations Erich! Honor Roll Award and Kindness Award❤️ We are so proud of you! So ready for Grade 4!” Marjorie wrote in the caption.

The said photos that Marjorie has shared captured the hearts of netizens as they expressed their admiration and sent congratulatory messages in the comment section.

(Photo source: Instagram – @marjbarretto)

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