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Is this the reaction of Gerald Anderson to Julia Barretto’s “isaw” issue

Actress Julia Barretto was criticized by netizens because of old videos resurfacing showing her eating ‘isaw.’ The first was a video with Ronnie Alonte and the second was her guesting on ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ where on both videos, Julia was seen eating isaw.

Not only that, on the two videos, Julia was heard saying she loves the taste of ‘isaw’ and that it was delicious

The issue arised because during Julia’s guesting on actor Gerald Andersons’ vlog, she was made to eat ‘isaw’ and was even asked she has never tried eating one.

Julia said: “Never ever, only for you.” Netizens accused Julia of lying and for being inconsistent.

On his Instagram Story, Gerald posted the following

“Believe in yourself. Push your limits!”

Netizens are now asking if the short message is Gerald’s reaction to the ‘isaw’ issue of Julia.

(Photo source: Instagram – @teamgeraldjulia)

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