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Is this the reaction of Vice Ganda to Harry Roque’s remarks? “I am a comedian, you are the clown”

TV host and actor Vice Ganda commented something that many believed is his reply to the statement made by President Spokesperson Harry Roque. In his tweet, Vice expressed about his opinion that Filipinos should be given the right to choose which vaccine should be given to them.

“Sa sabong panlaba nga choosy tayo e sa bakuna pa kaya. Ano to basta may maisaksak lang?! Vaklang twoooaahhh!!!”

In a press briefing, Roque issued the following statement:

““Mali namang ikumpara ang bakuna sa sabong panlaba. Ang katunayan po, wala namang supply na ganoon kadami. Kung hindi pagtitiwalaan ang mga experts, na tatlong batches pa ng experts pa ang magsasabing pwede natin gamitan yan… sino ang ating pagkakatiwalaan? Siguro po, hindi mga komendyante.” said Roque.

During the airing of “It’s Showtime”, Vice said the following:

“I’m a comedian, at may kilala akong clown. I’m the comedian, you are the clown.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @praybeytbenjamin / @harryroque)

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