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Ivana Alawi buys herself an 8-carat diamond ring: “Bakit ako mag-aantay sa lalaki?”

Actress and vlogger Ivana Alawi gifted herself with an 8-carat diamond ring, a reminder of her self-love and to work harder for her to achieve her dreams.

Ivana on her vlog said she does not have to wait for a man to give her a ring for she can afford to buy herslf one.

“Bakit ako mag-aantay sa lalaki? E di, bilhan ko na lang sarili ko, di ba?” Ivana said.

As to why she bought it? This is what the beautiful actress has to say:

“And it’s just a symbol to love myself. Parang gift ko siya sa sarili ko. This is my gift to myself and I’m so proud kasi it’s a reminder to work hard for your dreams, kasi dati pangarap ko lang talaga to, e.” said Ivana.

Just recently, Ivana reached 10 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, making her one of the most popular local celebrity on the video platform.


(Photo source: Instagram – @ivanaalawi)

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