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Ivana Alawi reveals a stranger asks her for a date on his private jet

Actress Ivana Alawi revealed in her latest vlog that there was this stranger who invited her out for a date using his private jet. Ivana narrated she was craving for Japanese food at the time and she posted it online.

The stranger saw Ivana’s post and invited her for a date, and will take her to Japan on his private jet. Ivana rejected the offer and said she will not go with the stranger just because he has a jet.


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“Pero hindi porket may jet ka, sa tingin mo lahat ng babae sasama sa yo? Hindi ako. Ibahin mo ako. You have to make ligaw muna to me, or you have to be friends with me. But hindi ako sasama sa yo dahil lang may jet ka at kaya mo akong pakainin sa Japan. Boy, meron namang mga Japanese restaurant dito.” Ivana said.

Ivana added that according to the stranger, she was the first one to reject his offer.

(Photo source: Instagram – @ivanaalawi)

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