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Jackie Forster breaks her silence about allegedly using her sons for fame

Netizens were touched by the reunion of Jackie Forster and her sons Andre and Kobe Paras years after their rift due to family issues.

However, some netizens are still doubting Jackie’s intentions but in her recent Instagram post, she finally broke her silence and aired her sentiments about the allegations being thrown against her.


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Jackie wrote: “There are people saying things about me on social media like : I’m only trying to be in my sons lives because of money, I only contact them when I need something from them or I’m trying to use them to become famous?? 1) I don’t need money from anybody, never needed it from their father and I never asked them for money and never will.
2) yes! That’s true I only send out messages/reach out when I need something from them – that’s called needing – a relationship. That was and is a need, not just for me but for the boys as well. All children need to have relationships with both parents. It’s vital.
3) I’m using them to be famous??? Umm.. this is what confuses me the most because I’m sure many of you my age of a little older remember that I was somebody once upon a time too.. I had big dreams and a big career. I think, correct me if I’m wrong – before my two sons or their father came along many people knew who I was. I worked my ass off as a young actress and I paid my dues – I traveled through the Philippines back when there was no SMS or smart phones, no internet and no social media. I had movies, dozens of tv guesting and had to travel to the ends of our islands for shows to promote movies or products or when i was invited by the politicians.
Please don’t diminish the little legacy I left behind to try to make others look good or to continue to make me look bad.”


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