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James Reid and Nadine Lustre get asked “where would you have your dream wedding”

Celebrities James Reid and Nadine Lustre shared to their fans and followers some details about their respective dream wedding.

In an online interview for Myx Philippines hosted by Samm Alvero, Nadine and James talked about the process of making Nadine’s latest single titled “Wildest Dreams” and also her upcoming album. Later in the video, Samm asked both of them “where would you have your dream wedding when it’s, when the time comes?”


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To which Nadine answered “beside a river. In nature.” While James answered “supposed to have a wedding, I don’t know this is another kind of thing I think about. But uhmmmm, underwater. I don’t know how that works but….it’s a dream wedding right? It’s a dream wedding so…”

(Photo source: Youtube – @MYX Philippines / @_jadine.update_)


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