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Jim Paredes on Bong Revilla’s showbiz comeback: “OK Lang sa inyo na maging role model siya ng kabataan?”

Jim Paredes aired his opinion over Senator Bong Revilla’s television comeback via GMA’s weekly program reportedly targeted for kids.

According to a report by Pep, the senator will be having a weekly television program on GMA which will replace the drama-fantasy anthology ‘Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko’ presented by veteran actress Gloria Romero who was later replaced by Nova Villa due to health issues.


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On Twitter, Jim aired his dismay over Bong’s television comeback via children’s show and wrote: “Sen. Bong Revilla returns in GMA Network with drama-fantasy show for kids. PERA PERA PERA lahat. OK Lang sa inyo na maging role model siya ng kabataan? C’mon GMA. You cando better than this.”

“Why would a franchise ALLOW this? That is he bigger question. They have social and corporate responibilities . The airwaves belong to the Filipino people,” Jim added in a separate tweet.

Jim’s statement received mixed reactions from netizens as one user wrote: “Don’t teach kids how to steal, Bong! And GMA!”

Another netizen thinks there is no problem with the senator’s project and replied: “I think there’s no problem with this project para naman ito sa mga bata eh, @Jimparedes hindi ka naman din nakakatulong”

(Photo source: Twitter – @Jimparedes/ @bongrevillajrph)

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