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Julia Barretto shares lessons from Gerald-Bea breakup controversy

Actress Julia Barretto shared the lessons she learned at the height of the Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo breakup controversy where Julia’s name was dragged into it.

During an online interview with Toni Gonzaga for “I Feel U”, Julia narrated that her biggest lesson was just to keep moving forwrd until the next battle. Julia believed that it will never end and she refused to get stuck.


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“I am only 23. At that time, I knew I was confident that there was still so many beautiful things in store for me,” said Julia

“Kung susuko ba ako ngayon, ano na lang ang mangyayari sa buhay ko ngayon? Ang bata-bata ko pa,” Julia added.

“My biggest lesson was just keep going, just keep moving forward until the next battle. It will never end. The biggest lesson was don’t get stuck,” ended Julia.

(Photo source: Yotube – @Julia Barretto)


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