JV Ejercito on Jinggoy Estrada’s ‘mockery’: “And I am really the Good One”

JV Ejercito on Jinggoy Estrada’s ‘mockery’: “And I am really the Good One”

Senatorial candidate Jinggoy Estrada recently conceded defeat in the senatorial race and released his official statement through his Facebook account.

In his post, Jinggoy mentioned candidate Nancy Binay who is currently holding the 12th spot in the partial and unofficial election results and hoped that she could keep the spot in the race.


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Part of Jinggoy wrote as part of his statement: “Kay Sen. Nancy, alam ko marami ka pang magagawa sa Senado na makakatulong sa ating mga kababayang mahihirap. Keep it up! You deserve to keep the 12th spot because you have a very big heart for the poor and you are the BETTER person among others. Congratulations my friend.”

Meanwhile,JV Ejercito who is currently in the 13th spot and is vying to be included in the “Magic 12” aired his reaction to an article about Jinggoy’s ‘mockery’ towards him and wrote on Twitter: “And I am really the Good One”


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