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Kaladkaren and boyfriend Luke Wrightson are now engaged

TV Host and comedian Jervi Li known as Kaladkaren and her longtime British boyfriend, Luke Wrightson are now engaged.

Kaladkaren happily made the announcement in her latest YouTube vlog. Kaladkaren and Luke have been in a relationship for 8 years. In the video, she said “dati nuong bata ako, akala ko wala ng taong magmamahal pa saakin. Dahil bakla ako, transgender ako, naiiba daw ako. Pero nuong nakilala ko siya, my own prince charming. Nag bago ang lahat. Naging masaya, naging totoo.”


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Luke proposed to her when they had a casual date on their balcony. They also shared some video clips for the said memorable occasion. Kaladkaren said “I was surprised. It was a lovely night. It was a fantastic night. I think it’s one of the nights that I will not forget in my life.”

(Photo source: Youtube – @KaladKaren Davila)


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