Karen Davila’s son gets into a surfing accident in Siargao

Karen Davila’s son gets into a surfing accident in Siargao

What should be an enjoyable vacation turned into a nightmare for TV broadcaster Karen Davila as her son got involved in a surfing accident while the family is in Siargao. Karen, her husband and two sons David and Lucas went to Siargao for the Lenten break.

On her Facebook account, Karen narrated what happen to her son David during his surfing activity:

Here is a portion of her post:


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It was a first time trip to Siargao GONE WRONG.

Last March 28, Wednesday, I flew to Siargao with my husband DJ and our two boys, David and Lucas. We were billeted at Isla Cabana, a beautiful resort popular for its white sand beach front. Excited to experience Siargao, I immediately booked surfing lessons for my sons at 4pm, a perfect time for surfing, I was told, for it would be high tide.

Isla Cabana contacted Junrey Taoy, a seasoned surfing instructor whom the resort often outsourced for guests. Just a few minutes from the hotel, we rode a tricycle to Boardwalk Cloud 9, lined with motorcycles, surfing boards, surfing dudes and small gifts shops, it leads to the impressive beach which Siargao is becoming world famous for – massive rolling waves for surfing.

We needed two surfing instructors. So Junrey recommended a friend, Jocol Valerio, to train my older son David. I specifically told Junrey and Jocol, David needed special attention as he has challenges in coordination – being in the autism spectrum. David however is sporty and trains regularly, swims quite well, boxes and runs. Jocol said, almost flippantly, “madali lang yan, kaya yan”

There are 3 major surfing areas in Cloud 9 – Jacking Horse for beginners, Quicksilver for inermediates and Cloud 9 for experts, where surfing competitions are held every September or October.

My kids, ofcourse, trained at Jacking Horse. Waves were still strong. And I have to say, crowded with tourists – foreigners, locals, many with families and small kids.

After a few minutes of basic training on the beach, David and Lucas were off with trainers Junrey and Jocol, while my husband and I lay on the shore enjoying the view and the local vibe.

Around half an hour after….our son David ran to us BLOODIED, with his rash guard ripped apart and said, “Mom, I had an accident!”. I have to say, I was in a moment of suspended disbelief. My husband immediately attended to my son, as they searched for a life guard, a medic or a small first aid station in Boardwalk Cloud 9. I on the other hand, started calling out for my smaller son, Lucas who was still surfing on the beach.

After a minor commotion, with surfers screaming my son’s name, Lucas finally came to shore with his trainer Junrey. It took some time before we finally found David and my husband DJ at the end of the boardwalk.

I WAS SPEECHLESS. My son’s whole chest, was bleeding from crisscrossing abrasions (as you can see on the photo above) with a deeper gash under the right rib, clearly from hitting the rocks on the shallow waters, his chin bruised and covered with blood, his right hand in cuts like that from a small knife.

What got me very angry was Jocol Valerio, the trainer – suddenly dissappeared! My husband said after showing him the sari sari store where to buy the Betadine, cotton and gauze, he left them. No one was there to assist my husband or my son who was bleeding! No nurse, no first aid, NO ONE.”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Karen Davila)

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