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KC Concepcion thanks boyfriend Pierre Plassart for his unconditional love

KC Concepcion together with her French boyfriend Pierre Emmanuel Plassart expressed to one another how much they love each other and thankful for having one another. On their respective Instagram accounts, KC and Pierre shared their love and happiness to their followers.

For Pierre:

“Lots to be thankful this year – family, health. But I’m the most thankful for having her back into my life. She makes every moment worth it, fun and memorable. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!”


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For KC:

“Of all the things I can be thankful for this year, I gotta give it to this one. ? Just like the bright, warm sun that hits your face on a cold day, right when you least expect… He was there, as if on cue, as though he himself were summer in the wintertime. Thank you for giving me the unconditional love I have not felt in a very long time”

(Photo source: Instagram – @peplassart)

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