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Kevin Kwan says Kris Aquino’s appearance is ‘a highlight’ of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”

The much awaited movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ will soon be shown and for most Filipinos, one of the most anticipated part of the movie is the appearance of actress Kris Aquino. Kris is part of the said movie playing the role of a princess.

Just how important is the role of Kris on the said movie?


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In an interview made by Curtis S. Chin to author Kevin Kwan, Kevin made it clear that Kris is ‘a highlight’ of the said movie.

My nephew @jiggycruz sent me the whole interview. #family ? My KCAP team led by @paanipedro edited the meaningful moment for me… i was grateful to watch & hear all the generous words to describe me Mr. Curtis Chin used BUT to actually view @kevinkwanbooks answer in reference to me “she’s a highlight of the movie, for me, she’s a highlight…” what more could a girl who only dreamed of this say but- THANK YOU Kevin, for the affirmation, but more importantly for appreciating that we Filipinos are @crazyrichasians #superfans… i know my part would never have been “tweaked” had it not been because Kevin wanted to reciprocate the #lovelovelove ❤️❤️❤️ we Filipinos have from book 1 ?? consistently supported him with. (The clips we included are from the audition we submitted to the @crazyrichasians casting directors & producers; after the Philippine theatrical release on August 22- we’ll hopefully be able to upload most of it on my official FB page & my @youtube The Aquinos channel.) The 1st few steps of this journey wouldn’t have begun had it not been for @jhett_tolentino & @agentchrislee connecting w/ me through many mutual friends namely @missizacalzado, Manang Nene Chan, and Cong @lenalonte. (Now you can understand why i managed to exercise restraint & nag #carebears kung may ilan na gustong i-downplay & maliitin yung pagkasali ko sa @crazyrichasians, ??because i chose to believe in the wisdom of the saying: Work hard in SILENCE, let SUCCESS make the noise… i’m very blessed because i never had to utter a word- the writer & creator of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy already said it all for me. He truly is another of my very special guardian angels. #kevinkwanislove?) #positivitywins #gratitude #proudpinoy #philippines ????❤️??

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