Kris Aquino responds to a netizen who expressed interest to be her boyfriend

Kris Aquino responds to a netizen who expressed interest to be her boyfriend

Queen of all media Kris Aquino has been in several relationships but has decided to take a break from getting into another and dedicate her time instead to her two boys Joshua and Bimby.

In her Facebook post, Kris who has been responding to some of netizens’ questions and comments replied to a user who seemed to subtly express his interest in pursuing her.


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The netizen wrote: “Hi. Would you be interested to get into a relationship again? Me too. Would you be interested with a lawyer? Hi, I’m a lawyer.”

Kris who admired the netizen’s confidence wittily responded, saying: “Hi Karl. i like your confidence. i’m just not into entertaining someone with Bacon & Moro in his name- not for anything BUT there’s a clear conflict, bacon is associated with pork, Moro refers to our Muslim brothers; and i know this is weird but before the need for all my medication i was really a foodie. Turkey bacon was something i didn’t enjoy primarily because i felt they overcompensated with the salt to mask the fact there wasn’t enough oil.

“i believe a relationship deserves a warranty and a guarantee. The warranty is that the integrity of the product is the maker’s responsibility and if something isn’t quite right, there’s an assurance of a repair or replacement of what’s defective. In this instance that responsibility falls on the 2 people… The guarantee is that you’re assured of the length of time you can expect from each other. So i fail in that department. Unfortunately i have a health condition that has no cure. The manifestations are treatable but they are forever here.


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