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Kris Aquino reveals TV comeback is no longer happening: “the producer chose somebody else”

TV host and actress Kris Aquino activated her Instagram account and revealed that her supposed TV comeback on TV5 is no longer happening. According to Kris, the producer of the said show decided to chose somebody else which is more viable. Fans and followers of Kris have been waiting for a long time for her return.

Kris also said that she and son Bimby got into close contact with some people that got tested positive for COVID-19. Kris and Bimby got test for COVID-19 and with God’s grace both of them were tested negative. Kris’ eldest son Joshua was in Tarlac so he was not at risk.

Here is the full post of Kris:

This is a life update post I wish I didn’t have to make. BUT it’s something I’m facing up to in order to truthfully move on… My hoped for TV comeback isn’t happening,”

The producer chose somebody else he and his sales team felt was more viable. No sugarcoating from me, you’re getting the honest truth,

It’s been a scary month, 4 people who had regular, close contact with Bimb and me all tested positive for COVID-19 middle of August. 3 of them have recovered, one is still battling this cruel virus,

We all got the swab tet August 15, kuya josh was thankfully in Tarlac during the time of their exposure so he and his companions weren’t at risk.

“Bimb has asthma, I have my autoimmune conditions. Yet we both tested negative, even though we had sustained contact and are high-risk individuals.

“We strictly isolated for 2 weeks, we had the ECLIA test done to be sure we weren’t asymptomatic, and again we were negative. In the big picture of life, we are still fortunate.”

I would like to believe that I’m now a glass half full type of person — I no longer wish to focus on what’s not given, rather I am so very grateful for blessings, and YES, our health is the most precious one. i conitnue to have faith there will be opportunities- all in God’s perfect timing.

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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