Kris Aquino shows effects of her autoimmune disease anew, expresses concern to sons

Kris Aquino shows effects of her autoimmune disease anew, expresses concern to sons

Queen of all media Kris Aquino shared photos of her with red rashes and swollen skin, and discoloration as she showed the effects of her autoimmune disease.

In her Instagram post, Kris shared a slideshow of her photos from August to December this year and expressed her concern to her two sons Kuya Joshua and Bimby who are ‘burdened’ by her condition.


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She wrote: “This is a post written for no other reason than the belief that the TRUTH SETS US FREE.

It’s an unfair world when an 11 year old feels he needs to be the protector & guardian of secrets for his mama… someone no longer in our lives had told bimb that if our endorsements knew the extent of his mama’s health worries, she’d lose her contracts. At that time we had no definitive prognosis BUT i know many of you, my followers are in the medical field & all pictures in the video i edited are from August to December 2018. It’s Christmas, i pray you’ll be kind.”

i did this because i don’t want those working in KCAP, our personal staff, and my siblings & my sons to be burdened by what is primarily my battle. Trust me when i say thanks to my team of doctors the bad days are fewer, but unfortunately this is a progressive illness. I shall emphasize God blessed us that i had an early diagnosis, others aren’t as fortunate and only know what’s wrong when organs have irreversible damage. All my organs are still okay. But the last picture with no hives but with the severe flush in my face states volumes for people familiar with autoimmune disease.”


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